About Us

Tom Martin, a social worker serving youths in crisis for the last five years, has enjoyed teaching kids how to fish for decades.  He taught his own son and daughter to catch fish and crabs at ages 3 and 4. His granddaughter started learning at 2 ½!

Girls catch fish! 

Girls can out fish the boys!

Naya, learning at 2.5 yrs.

Tom has helped many youths, ages 7-17, to learn to fish as a therapeutic activity during social work interventions.  Confidentiality prevents photography so their photos joyfully casting, hooking, reeling in, and releasing fish can’t appear here.  Those youths have gained so much from learning to fish that Tom has decided to spread the joy through KIDS LEARN TO FISH!  Imagine a child who never held a rod and reel, casting and catching fish after a two-hour lesson!  About 80-90% of kids will do that.  

Tom has coached youth sports and served for 3.5 years in the Big Brother/Big Sister program.

For more information on Tom, please review http://www.eldercareoptions4u.com

The safety and comfort level of your child is paramount.   As a licensed social worker, Tom undergoes criminal background checks at least yearly.  For added parental comfort, parents may watch a lesson from a distance, but not interact with their child or interfere with the lesson. Tom offers a free, 15-minute ZOOM call with parent(s) and youth to assess if the fishing experience will make a good fit, before scheduling a session. The goal is to ensure success.

Debbie Krusen, currently in the education field where she works with special ed students, often 1:1, is our co-trainer.  Girls might relate well to a successful female fisher, so Debbie is available to serve them, motivate them, praise them.

Questions?  Give us a call.


Mr. Tom  with a BIG ONE! 65 pound black drum